Castle (Spoilers)

As any Castle fan would know, the show had recently reached its 100th episode. We couldn’t be happier for the best show on television! A Rear Window themed episode was the best way to celebrate such a rare achievement.

What could they possibly do next to keep us glued to the television? We can always count on our Castle creator Andrew Marlowe to come up with something. In two weeks episode 21 “Still” will air and it will be intense. Beckett steps on a pressure sensitive bomb and has to stay “still.” I don think anything has been more accurately titled. Castle tries to distract Beckett from arguing with her who fell whom first.

Will this work? I hope so; I would hate to see this show end just as everything the fans has been waiting for is just beginning. It’s not the first time the leading lady has been in danger, but this seems too close. Standing on top of a bomb is stressful. I don’t know about you, but I have nervous leg that wouldn’t be able to stay still for hours.
To get more first looks, spoilers, and interviews click here.

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